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  • EXO-BR_Mask

    EXO-26BR Full Face Mask

    Item# 900017-003
    The EXO-26BR full-face mask (FFM) is manufactured by Diving Systems International, Inc. The EXO-26 is commonly used for both hard wire or through-water communications. It comes standard with a built in 2nd stage adjustable regulator, head harness, and supply hose.

    For underwater communications, we prefer the oral-nasal cavity model. An earphone/microphone assembly can be easily installed via a convenient port located on the right side of the FFM. Our EMX-2 earphone/microphone assembly is used for the non oral-nasal model (EX0-26) and our EMX-2B is used for the oral-nasal model (EX0-26BR).

  • grd-buds-cbgrd-buds-bc

    Guardian Mask Communications Package

    Includes OTS Guardian Mask Package (Any Color Combination) & OTS-BUD-D2

  • HSA-2+AGA+Hose

    HSA-2 Low Pressure Hose For AGA Mask

    Item# 604001-034
    32″ Supply hose designed for the AGA FFM
  • AGA

    Interspiro Divator MKII

    The Interspiro line of diving Full-Face Masks (FFMs) are high quality masks and have been field proven by Government, Military, and Commercial & Public Safety Teams around the world. The FFMs are primarily used with SCUBA, but are often utilized with surface supplied gas as well as rebreathers.

    The Divator II has been tested by Duke University to 1,800 feet (unmanned test) and found to be extremely reliable. Many professional divers choose the AGA FFM. With the addition of our OTS Ambient Breathing Valve® (ABV-1), standby divers as well as divers on the surface can effortlessly conserve their gas supply by breathing surrounding air through the ABV®.

    All the Interspiro Full-Face Masks listed below have been tested by the U.S. Navy Experimental Diving Unit (NEDU) and are approved for Naval use.

    Underwater communications is achieved by the addition of an Ear/Microphone Assembly (shown on left) which allows for both through-water communications when paired with a communications unit like the SSB-2010, or hard-wire communications via the CR-4 ComRope. Alternatively, for a more compact/less expensive option, a Buddy Phone® can be installed on the FFM for through-water communications only.

  • 800-050_SuperMask_Pod_Regulator+copy

    M-48 Super Mask

    The patented Kirby Morgan SuperMask is a lightweight modular full-face mask that allows for easy and rapid adaptation to various self-contained underwater breathing apparatus as well as surface supplied systems.

    The mask frame and rigid components are made of high impact plastic. The face seal is made of high quality silicone that conforms to the diver’s face. The modular removable mouth pod is designed to quickly interchange—allowing the diver multiple breathing gas options. The mask is also designed to accept various communications configurations.

    The removable lower pod is a feature unique to the SuperMask. When diving, the pod is easily removed and replaced on the mask for diver capability to buddy-breathe, use a snorkel or an octopus, or perform an “in water” gas switch.

    The mask may also be used surface-supplied. KMDSI is currently developing several different pod configurations for both open circuit and rebreather use.

    We can configure the SuperMask for hard wire or wireless communication systems. We can also set a pod up for rebreathers.

  • blk-blk+frontblk-blk+side

    OTS Guardian FFM w/ Stealth Hookah (Low Pressure) Regulator


    • Venturi assist – increase gas flow
    • Balanced regulator for high performance
    • Can retrofit on any Guardian Full Face Mask
    • Designed for optimum performance at lower operating pressures
  • blk-blk+frontblk-blk+side

    OTS Guardian Full Face Mask

    The Guardian line of Full-Face Masks (FFMs) is OTS’ most recent innovation. Designed to meet the demanding needs of today’s Commercial/Professional Diver, it leverages the best features found on other FFMs with unique features designed by OTS. The Guardian FFM comes in the following color combinations (skirt/hardware): black/black, black/blue, black/red, black/pink, blue/black, and yellow/black.

  • stealthmaskfullregulatorcloseup

    OTS Stealth Full Face Mask

    Item# 920032-000

    Due to popular demand, we have developed a new high performance 2nd stage regulator. The Stealth (SRG-1) is designed to deliver more air at deeper depths! The venturi assist increases gas flow. This is a must when under a heavy work load or when you reach the deeper depths associated with Scuba diving. The diver cannot over breathe this regulator (assuming you have a high performance 1st stage).

    The new Stealth 2nd stage when tested at 200 fsw had a work of breathing (WOB) between 1.2 and 1.5 joules per liter. The venturi assist ensured the diver had minimal additional effort in his inhalation effort.

    The SRG-1 is a balance regulator employing a dynamic balancing chamber. This feature ensures the amount of air a diver draws remains low for different intermediate air pressures. In the event a first stage fails and starts producing air more than 200 PSI’s, the SRG-1 will free flow to prevent an unsafe build-up of pressure.

    The Stealth Full Face Mask can be set up for Through-water, Hard-wire or no Communications.

    The Stealth Full Face Mask comes standard with several equalizing pads to ensure you can custom fit the mask to your liking.

    The double seal of the Stealth Full Face Mask ensures a great and comfortable seal.

  • LP+Hose+copy

    Standard SCUBA hose 34″

    Item# 604005-002
    Standard SCUBA hose 34″
  • LP+Hose+copy

    Standard SCUBA hose 38″

    Item# 604005-000
    Standard SCUBA hose 38″