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    So warm and comfy, it’s like wearing your favorite pair of pajamas into the water.


    The undersuit of choice for drysuit diving,CLIMASPHERE thermal wear keeps you warm with a low profile two-piece insulation system. Breathable and windproof, CLIMASPHERE is made of soft four-way stretch fleece material.

    You can wear one or both pieces under your drysuit at depth for total comfort and warmth, and on deck between dives as cozy casual wear.

    CLIMASPHERE undersuits come with neoprene wrist and ankle cuffs with thumb loops and stirrups to both enhance warmth and prevent rideup when climbing into your drysuit.

  • easy_don


    An Easy Way to Keep Hands Toasty Warm and Totally Dry

    The EASY DON DRY vulcanized, elastic-cuff latex glove can be used with drysuits, semi-drys and wetsuits for those extra-chilly days at depth.

    Self-donning and extremely comfortable while maintaining good finger dexterity, the EASY DON DRY is completely waterproof and can be mounted either over or under your dive suit’s wrist seal.

    Includes a separate knitted glove liner for additional warmth. Replacement parts are readily available.

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    Diving in a drysuit means you’re always warm and comfy, no matter how cold the water.

    Restyled for 2016, the EVERDRY 4 offers the streamlined fit, comfort and flexibility of a wetsuit, with the thermal properties and water-tightness of a drysuit.

    The EVERDRY 4 offers the ultimate in neoprene drysuit technology. It is constructed of 4mm high-density neoprene sandwiched between layers of nylon jersey — the heavier outside layer is designed to withstand abrasion, the lighter inside layer is more for comfort.

    Seams are triple-glued and double-thread blind-stitched on the outside; the inside is coated with a liquid polymer that penetrates the nylon layer and fuses to the neoprene, creating an extremely durable and waterproof seam.

    The EVERDRY 4‘s neoprene is able to resist compression at depth. This means you won’t experience huge shifts in buoyancy as you descend, minimizing the amount of ballast you’ll need to carry. It also means you won’t lose as much of the suit’s inherent thermal properties, so you don’t need to wear as much in the way of undergarments. In fact, the EVERDRY 4 is designed to be worn with either a very thin undergarment or no undergarment at all. This enables you to enjoy a snug-fitting, streamlined suit as you’re kicking through the water.

    The EVERDRY 4 features a first-rate neoprene neck seal that is smooth-skin on the outside and nylon jersey on the inside. Because of this, you can easily slip the suit over your head without any hair-pulling, then by folding the smooth-skin under you create a large-surface-area seal against your neck. Wrist seals use straight smooth-skin neoprene to achieve their watertight seals, and on the lower extremities attached neoprene soft socks can be used with drysuit boots or standard neoprene dive boots.

    The large kneepads are built tough to protect even the most avid bottom crawlers. The cargo hip pocket is sized right, easy to reach, and offers a zippered closure to keep contents secure. And the adjustable suspenders just make wearing a drysuit that much easier, both at depth and on the surface.

    Built for comfort, convenience and extended wear, the EVERDRY 4 fits like a glove, offers excellent range of motion, and most importantly, keeps your body heat in and the cold water out.

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    5mm Neoprene Footwear is Warm as Well as Flexy

    The EVERFLEX 5MM is an extremely flexible neoprene boot and the perfect footwear choice for anyone who dives in an Everflex steamer — although its design features and thermal properties can also be appreciated by wearers of other wetsuits.

    A 105-degree slant in the ankle area creates a more natural swimming position by mimicking the foot’s orientation. This makes for more comfortable kicking when spending long periods of time at depth.

    The boot is designed without a side zipper or Velcro closure, yet its pliable neoprene allows for easy donning and doffing. It also provides a great seal while allowing total freedom of movement.

  • everflex_ls_rshgrd_1mmeverflex_ls_rshgrd_woman_1m



    This is one stylish rash guard, and it performs as good as it looks. Built with Everflex (X-Foam) neoprene, the long-sleeve EVERFLEX 1MM rash guard features a cozy Heliospan torso lining that delivers a boost of warmth right where you need it most.

    Offering high-stretch comfort, wear it with a pair of SCUBAPRO Hybrid Shorts; a loop is included so you can connect the two together to eliminate ride-up while diving.

    In 5 mens and 5 womens sizes in Black/Gray.

    Available Sizes:

    Men: S, M, L, XL, 2XL.
    Women: XS, S, M, L, XL.

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    One dive in this drysuit and you may never dive wet again.

    When you’re diving in a drysuit you’re always dry and comfortable, no matter how cold the water, or how deep you’re diving. That’s because by choosing the appropriate undergarment to match the water temperature, and by being able to add air to the suit when needed, you’re always in control of your thermal status. When you’re wearing a drysuit, diving suddenly becomes an all-weather, year-around activity.

    There’s no better way to dive dry than in anEVERTEC LT. A lighter-weight version of the original Evertec drysuit, the  EVERTEC LT is constructed of a new Rip-stop fabric which is 25 percent lighter than its predecessor. It also contains a bit of stretch for better flexibility. Combine that with the EVERTEC LT‘s telescopic torso, elastic crotch strap and flex seals and you have a comfortable fabric drysuit that maximizes range of motion and minimizes hydro-drag.

    Loaded with features, the EVERTEC LT comes with a heavy-duty diagonal Ti-Zip MasterSeal® dry zipper that enables you to don and doff the suit without help from your dive buddy. Neoprene socks with seamless heels enhance comfort, and adjustable suspenders complete with swivel buckles help dial in a comfortable fit. A warm neck collar keeps heat in and protects the latex neck seal, and rugged Kevlar material offers superb protection for the legs.

    The two large cargo pockets are equipped with D-rings, high-security overflaps and Velcro closures for carrying tools or extra gear. The I-Safe strap on the left arm is perfect for securing a computer.

    When it comes to high-quality materials and construction, as well as a long list of performance and convenience features, the EVERTEC LT can’t be beat. Offering the perfect balance of comfort and durability, one trip under water in anEVERTEC LT and you may never dive wet again.

  • exodry_m_fexo-dry-hood_bw



    This suit is hard to beat when it comes to cold-water thermal protection.

    Offering a unique approach to drysuit design, SCUBAPRO’s new EXODRY neoprene drysuit fuses 4mm high-density neoprene with latex wrist and neck seals. It’s a winning combination, offering minimal inherent buoyancy, maximum range of motion and an excellent sealing system.

    The EXODRY‘s high-density neoprene is soft and pliable and it maintains its insulating properties, even on deeper dives, so, depending on water temperature, it can be comfortably worn with or without an undergarment. The heavy-duty latex seals at the wrists and neck provide a comfortable, watertight seal for the upper extremities, while the firm-soled attached rubber boots seal the suit down below.

    The lightweight, saltwater-resistant TiZip® dry zipper is extra strong and keeps all water sealing edges tight. Quality Si-Tech valves control airflow, a warm neck collar overlays the neck seal to add even more thermal protection, and a neoprene hood (included) completes the thermal system.

    Also included are durable kneepads for extra abrasion protection, convenient I-Grips on both arms to secure wrist instruments, and a large zippered pocket on the right leg for carrying accessories.

    If you prefer the more streamlined fit and range of motion offered by a wetsuit, but want to enjoy all the thermal advantages of diving dry, you owe it to yourself to check out the EXODRY. Consider the quality, features, performance and price, and you’ll be glad you did.

  • heavy_duty_boot_6.5mm


    New Boot is Built to Handle the Tough Stuff

    If you have ever suffered from cold feet or found yourself stumbling over sharp rocks as you made your way down to the beach, you’ll appreciate the newHEAVY-DUTY 6.5MM dive boot.

    Built to handle the tough stuff, with a reinforced toe and heel and a substantial molded rubber sole, the HEAVY-DUTY 6.5MM is both durable and comfortable, making it the ideal wetsuit boot for cold water and harsh conditions. A new Diamond Span interior enhances comfort plus improves warmth.

  • rockboots


    Solid Rock Boot Design for Drysuits with Socks

    Here’s a must-have boot for any drysuit diver who hikes or climbs to a dive site. The sturdy HEAVY-DUTY DRYSUIT BOOT can handle the most rugged shoreline terrain or slippery boat deck. At the same time, its flexible neoprene upper lends a degree of comfort that you’ll appreciate after a long day in the water.

    The HEAVY-DUTY DRYSUIT BOOT features a quick-lace system that minimizes hassle. It is designed to fit comfortably over the neoprene or latex sock of any drysuit.

  • hybrid_t_rashgrd_ls_w_mhybrid_t_rashgrd_ls_woman_blu_blk



    Featuring smooth-skin 1mm neoprene in the torso area and high-stretch UPF-50 Flex-Tec material on the sides, long sleeves and collar, theHYBRID T is a stylish warmer that can be worn as a thermal under layer beneath a traditional wetsuit.

    It’s also a great garment to wear by itself to provide thermal protection and to act as a barrier to the sun’s rays when snorkeling or swimming.

    Easy to don and doff and super comfortable for extended wear, it comes in 6 mens and 5 womens sizes.

    Available Sizes:

    Men (Black/Black): S, M, L, XL, 2XL, 3XL.
    Women (Black/Blue): XS, S, M, L, XL.

  • loose_fit_rash_guard_blue_lsloose_fit_long



    The perfect top for kicking around on the boat or beach, this LOOSE FIT rash guard is about as comfortable as can be, fits nicely underneath a wetsuit and looks great when worn on its own.

    It is made of water-repellant, quick-drying fabric, and it has a UV rating of UPF-50 so you’ll always be protected from the sun.

    It’s is offered in 6 unisex sizes in blue and black with either long or short sleeves.

    Available Sizes: Unisex: S, M, L, XL, 2XL, 3XL.

  • mesh_cutter



    This hook-shaped knife lets you safely generate a lot of cutting force.

    SCUBAPRO”s multi-purpose MESH CUTTER is designed to be used with a pulling rather than pushing motion. This provides much better leverage, more cutting power with less effort, and it increases safety.

    The ultra-sharp hooked blade plus shackle key make theMESH CUTTER a versatile and extremely effective cutting tool for a variety of diving and marine applications. The stainless steel body is designed with indents for attaining a secure grip when cutting.