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    Apnea diving fins FATHOM BLUE

    • Fathom Blue is a purpose-built apnea diving fin (free diving / spear fishing). The comfortable foot pocket and power ful blade provide efficient thrust and unparalleled underwater manoeuvrability. Furthermore, there are two blades with different flexibility available to suit different divers’ preferences and requirements.

    • Although more expensive, rubber is our chosen material to make Fathom Blue’s foot pocket. It might seem a bit old fashioned but at the end of the day, it is all about performance. We were able to strategically build a rubber foot pocket with multiple flexibility / hardness while fins made from various plastic compounds do not share the same advantage. This means Fathom Blue’s foot pocket is able to produce a spring-like effect when finning, yet its base (sole) is rigid and efficient.


    Blade dimension – effective (H × W): 22cm × 60cm (8.5” × 24”)
    Overall length: 92cm / 36” (size XL)
    Weight (pair, land): 1.9kg / 4.2 lb (size XL)


    • The gray blade is more flexible and less demanding, thus enabling the diver to flip through water quickly.


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    DIMENSION: 94cm x 30cmx 36cm (37’ x 11.8’ x 14.2’)

    The dimensions have been revised to bring the bag’s center closer to the body when carried, allowing for more control. Additional handles are fitted to the ends so loading / unloading into / from a transport becomes an easy task. Internal fin straps replace the exterior fin storage compartment, giving the BG01 a tidy look. Drainage holes in the bottom allow excess water from wet gear to drain.
    Made from rugged 840 D nylon fabric and sturdy webbing.

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    • Blitz is a purpose-designed spearfishing and free-diving fin with special Tri-material construction.
    • Comfortable and soft thermo rubber foot pocket
    • High density TPR perimeter reinforcement provides the connection andstrength needed between the blade and foot pocket
    • The extra long but flexible blade gives spring-like feel and ultra quick acceleration and excellent reaction time.
    • The rib-like structure of the perimeter reinforcement and fin blade are hydro-dynamic. They channel water directly backwards to give full purchase of thrust and power while keeping energy expenditure at an efficient level

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    IST Sports pole spears are easy to use and each comes with a 5-prong paralyser tip. Simply connect each segment and the tip together and you are ready to fish! Each pole can be broken down for travelling or storage purpose.

    Shaft material: Aluminium

    Total length: 200cm

    No. of segments: 2

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    3-prong tip

    Shaft material: Aluminium

    Total length: 200cm

    No. of segments: 2

  • 10020-2253-large10020-1160-large



    5-prong tip

    Shaft material: Aluminium

    Total length: 200cm

    No. of segments: 3

  • 20440-2251-large20440-1162-large



    3-prong paralyser tip

    Shaft material: Aluminium

    Total length: 200cm

    No. of segments: 3

  • pelican-best-super-bright-led-keychain-lightpelican-super-bright-led-keychain-flashlight

    Keychain Light

    Flat tires, missing headphones, needle in a haystack, you name it; this new everyday personal flashlight will keep you moving through the day or night. With 16 lumens of light and a keychain attachment- it’s always handy.

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    This purposely built spearfishing mask is low in volume and comfortable to use. The tinted lenses give the fisherman extra advantage to sneak up on a prey without startling it with direct eye contact. The tint also acts like sunglasses, reducing surface glare when swimming at / near the surface.
    Colour: 06 (carbon pattern)

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    Presto is a LOW-volume 4-windows mask with panoramic view. It restores some peripheral vision lost with conventional dive mask. Light and compact, it suits people with slightly narrow facial profile.
    Colours: BS-BK

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    BLUETECH is designed to fit a wide range of facial profile with comfort. Its hypoallergenic and elastic silicone skirt creates a watertight seal that is soft yet resilient to pressure at depth. The bendable buckles are attached to the skirt which will not interfere with fitting and enable the mask to be packed into tight space while traveling.


    All colours: BS-BK, GS-07(Camo Green)


    — GS-07(Camo Green) —

    BLUETECH also gets the “green” treatment. The camo frame and new skirt colour option are helpful in certain underwater conditions and visually breaks up the mask’s outline so the prey can be less aware of your presence.

    The bendable buckles are attached to the stretchy hypoallergenic silicone skirt so they will not interfere with fitting and this feature enables the mask to be packed into tight luggage space while preparing for a trip.

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    ●  With our advanced plastic and silicone integrated injection method, SEAL’s soft hypoallergenic silicone skirt is molded directly onto the frame.

    ●  This technique means lesser parts are needed, so a lighter and more comfortable mask has been developed. With this new technology, the internal volume of the mask has been significantly reduced and the lenses were brought as close to the eyes as possible for a better vision.

    ●  These features not only help the underwater hunter seeking out their preys, it is also comfortable for scuba divers and skin divers alike to experience the view they have never seen underwater.