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    Apnea diving fins FATHOM BLUE

    • Fathom Blue is a purpose-built apnea diving fin (free diving / spear fishing). The comfortable foot pocket and power ful blade provide efficient thrust and unparalleled underwater manoeuvrability. Furthermore, there are two blades with different flexibility available to suit different divers’ preferences and requirements.

    • Although more expensive, rubber is our chosen material to make Fathom Blue’s foot pocket. It might seem a bit old fashioned but at the end of the day, it is all about performance. We were able to strategically build a rubber foot pocket with multiple flexibility / hardness while fins made from various plastic compounds do not share the same advantage. This means Fathom Blue’s foot pocket is able to produce a spring-like effect when finning, yet its base (sole) is rigid and efficient.


    Blade dimension – effective (H × W): 22cm × 60cm (8.5” × 24”)
    Overall length: 92cm / 36” (size XL)
    Weight (pair, land): 1.9kg / 4.2 lb (size XL)


    • The gray blade is more flexible and less demanding, thus enabling the diver to flip through water quickly.


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    • Blitz is a purpose-designed spearfishing and free-diving fin with special Tri-material construction.
    • Comfortable and soft thermo rubber foot pocket
    • High density TPR perimeter reinforcement provides the connection andstrength needed between the blade and foot pocket
    • The extra long but flexible blade gives spring-like feel and ultra quick acceleration and excellent reaction time.
    • The rib-like structure of the perimeter reinforcement and fin blade are hydro-dynamic. They channel water directly backwards to give full purchase of thrust and power while keeping energy expenditure at an efficient level