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    New semi-dry suit makes cold-water diving warm, fun and easy.

    Cold-water divers looking for total thermal protection in a comfortable high-stretch semi-dry wetsuit need look no further. Providing 7mm of neoprene plus an attached hood, the new SPORT 7MM HOODED SEMI-DRY delivers head-to-ankle protection yet is so soft and pliable it fits like a second skin.

    The SPORT 7MM HOODED SEMI-DRY is made from super soft neoprene that is ultra-comfortable and easy to climb in and out of. The suit uses water-blocking glued and blind-stitched seams and features a triathlon cut that allows for lots of range of motion in the shoulder and arm areas —  much more freedom of movement than you’ll find in a traditional 7mm suit. The interior is lined with two plush materials that dry quickly, enhance warmth and feel so good against the skin you won’t ever want to take this suit off.

    The external colored panels on the forearms and ankles are styled to appeal to fashion conscious divers, but they are more than purely design touches. The undersides of these panels seal against the skin to prevent water entry, and they are backed by zippered wrist and ankle closures that help keep water out and make donning and doffing that much easier.

    Abrasion-resistant fabric on shoulders, seat and knees protect the suit against chafing gear or rocky bottoms when sitting or kneeling. Add in the attached hood and the SPORT 7MM HOODED SEMI-DRY is the total thermal package for first-time suit buyers looking to get the most out of their cold-water diving.