Soft Mesh Weights

Larger #5 shot with less surface area
Newly manufactured lead shot
No scrap lead used
Hardened with antimony and graphite free
Colored bags for easy I.D.
Heavy-duty nylon mesh bags
Quick draining and drying

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Product Description

Part Number Description Color Case Quantity
1 lb. Black 30 Pieces
M2 2 lbs. Gray 20 Pieces
M3 3 lbs. Burgundy 13 Pieces
M4 4 lbs. Navy 10 Pieces
M5 5 lbs. Black 8 Pieces
M6 6 lbs. Gray 6 Pieces
M8 8 lbs. Burgundy 5 Pieces
M10 10 lbs. Black 4 Pieces
Part Number Description
Bulk Shot 50 lbs. – Box of #5 Lead Shot